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Arts & Crafts Director

Job Location:

Camps Kenwood & Evergreen - Wilmot, NH, United States

Job Description:

As an Arts & Crafts Specialist you will be instructing kids ages 7 - 15, maintaining an organized and inviting studio, and accommodating the many and varied needs of camp that involve artistic assistance which can include, but is not limited to, special events and plays. To be effective in this role you will need to be super organized, well prepared, well rested, flexible, work well with others, have a positive attitude and most of all excited to work with kids.

You will have 4-6 periods during the day where you will have groups of 6-12 kids coming to the art studio for classes. These classes will be structured according to age group or type of class. The projects will be planned in advance and supplies ready when the kids arrive. Projects will be tracked so that kids will experience a variety of media throughout the summer. We want to give kids an opportunity to try many types of projects, work with materials they have never worked with before, develop using media they are familiar with, have the experience of making things, explore their creative side, and have fun doing it. Your input will be key in this process as you help demonstrate, give suggestions, support, and encourage. Some kids will need more help than others, but whether they realize it or not every kid has a creative side. You are there to help them realize it.

You will be expected to help maintain an organized and well-run studio. This is essential. You also have the opportunity to create a fun and inviting environment where kids will love to come and be creative.

There can be a number of special events and group activities at camp that may require the assistance of the art staff. Many times this will only involve supervision in the studio or lending out supplies. Other times you may be asked to help make props or posters for an event or activity. Many times these requests will pop up at the last minute and you will need to jump into motion on a moment's notice.

- On evenings and weekends you will assist with Camp’s evening activities and special events.
- Accommodations will be in cabins.
- 5 days off and most of your nights will be free (3 hours approx).
- Dates of employment are June 12th to August 14th 2012 (9 weeks).
- Room, board, laundry and internet access is included.
- Salary is $3000 and up based on experience.


Just two hours from Boston, the Camp is a summer home to a vibrant and welcoming community of over 300 children and 170 staff from all over the world. Here you will act as the following for 7 weeks: parent, coach, mentor, role model, and friend.

We can provide an AMAZING Camp experience for dynamic individuals who love a challenge. This position also provides the perfect experience and resume builder for anyone who wants to pursue a career working with children. The experience can also be used as an internship or for college credits where applicable.

Job Requirements:


1.) An enthusiastic, motivated individual.
2.) The knowledge and ability to explain and demonstrate archery fundamentals and techniques.
3.) The ability to communicate, with patience and clarity, with children and co-workers.
21+ years of age.

4.) Experience of working with children
5.) Experience of teaching art

How To Apply:

Visit the staff section of our website,, and fill out an online job application. If you have any questions please email or call us at 781-793-0091.

How To Apply:

Please click on the below link and complete the online application.

You can also email or call 781 793 0091.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact Information:

Contact: David Walsh
Program Director
Camps Kenwood & Evergreen
239 Moose Hill Street
Sharon, MA, United States 02067
Phone: 781-793-0091
Fax: 781-793-0606


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