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AVA Rafting & Zip Line River Guide l

Job Location:

Granite, CO - Granite, CO, United States

Job Description:

Primary Location: Granite, Idaho Springs, or Kremmling Outpost
Schedule: Full-time
Target Start Date: May 2017
Target End Date: Sept 2017
Pay Rate: According to pay scale of river mileage and sections checked out on, +7% end-of-season bonus upon completion of contract

Job Overview: Guides will serve as the face of AVA and uphold its mission and vision. River Guide I will run ½ day, full-day and overnight trips as needed. Guide’s primary responsibility is to safely entertain our guests and provide them with an experience up to AVA standards. Guides are members of a dynamic high-quality company which emphasizes quality, customer service, and teamwork.

- Successfully complete AHRA approved guide training program, AVA's Guide School or have completed certified guide school elsewhere.
- Demonstrate outstanding guest service and professionalism at all times to surpass guest expectations
- Maintain distinct understanding of the guide's integral role in creating the very best guest experience, and take responsibility for this role at all times
- Possess current First Aid and CPR certifications.
- Commit to work for entire season, including all weekends and holidays.
- Able to work as productive and positive member of team.
- Able to work outdoors for long days in diverse weather conditions.
- Have a high physical fitness level.
- Over 18 years of age.
- Be involved in at least one department (transportation, safety, training, property, equipment) at your outpost.
- Help maintain quality and cleanliness of outpost, including picking up trash
- Have strong camping and wilderness skills
- Enjoy working with a variety of people in an active environment.
- Have a well groomed presentation.
- Work positively and effectively as part of a team environment
- Adheres to AVA policies and procedures and understands AVA core values and mission.
- Help pick up any trash around outpost.

If you are interested in Applying for a River Guide l Position with AVA Rafting & Zip Line, you can apply here:

Granite Outpost: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit2/?id=562515&t=1

Idaho Springs Outpost: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit2/?id=562515&t=1

Kremmling Outpost: https://home.eease.adp.com/recruit2/?id=562515&t=1

Job Requirements:

Required Experience & Skills:
- Able to work as a productive and positive member of team
- Have a high physical fitness level
- Possess current First Aid and CPR certifications.
- Have a well-groomed presentation
- Work positively and effectively as part of a team environment
- Enjoy working with a variety of people in an active environment
- Successfully completes AVA Guide School that goes above the State recommended training program, and meets/exceeds all AHRA guide training program
- Provides detailed river log and certifications, when necessary

How To Apply:

If you are interested in working with AVA Rafting & Zip Line this summer, please visit our website at http://www.coloradorafting.net/about-us/employment/

Contact Information:

Contact: Kelly Thrall
Hiring Coordinator
AVA Rafting & Zip Line
Phone: 970-760-0180
Email: kthrall@coloradorafting.net
Website: http://www.coloradorafting.net/about-us/employment/


March 18, 2017

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