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Division Leader

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125 Lakeview Street - Sharon, MA, United States

Job Description

A Division Leader is responsible for providing an amazing summer camp experience for an age-group (Division) of campers! Our Divisions include both boys and girls groups, with 14-20 per group and between 5-12 groups per Division. Our ages range from 4 to 15. Each group is led by a Group Leader and Counselor, and the Division Leader is responsible for supervising these staff members - providing guidance and strategies for managing challenging behaviors, and also providing feedback to the staff informally as well as formally.

This role involves the organization and management of a Division through a 9 week summer program, from June 29th to August 28th. Staff training earlier in May and June is also required. Regular Camp hours are 9-4, Monday to Friday. Division Leaders are expected to arrive early (8am) to prepare for the day and stay late to debrief the day with the Camp Directors (up to 5:00pm approx), and to make follow up calls to parents. Communicating between departments and with Camp parents is a crucial part of the job.

This is a truly rewarding job where you will be challenged in many different areas and come out of the summer with a huge sense of pride and achievement! You will develop and refine skills that will be helpful to you for the rest of your personal and professional life. You will receive guidance and feedback from Head Counselors and Directors so you will always have a place to turn when you are in need of help.

Salary: starts at $4,000+ for 9 weeks of work 6/29/20-8/28/20--closed July 3rd--This includes all staff trainings

Job Requirements


An enthusiastic, motivated, warm, friendly, caring individual.
The ability to communicate, with patience and clarity, with children, co-workers and camp parents.
Experience of working with children
Great organizational skills
Must be 21+ years of age
Experience in a supervisory position
The ability to communicate, through patience and clarity, with children and co-workers.
Ability to address stressful situations appropriately in a fast paced, interactive environment
Everwood Day Camp is an outdoor focused summer camp featuring many physically demanding activities on land and water. Staff members are regularly required to walk, hike and otherwise move in woods, fields, beaches, and lakes. In order to perform the job, each staff member of Everwood Day Camp must be physically able to travel around a large rural environment (fields, woods, beach, etc.) over uneven ground on a regular basis. Everwood Day Camp is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
The ability to swim comfortably in a lake on a regular basis.
Legal resident of the U.S.A.


Summer camp experience (either Day or Resident camp).
A background and education in childcare/education.
A teacher (or equivalent).

How To Apply

We are currently preparing for the summer of 2020 and are accepting applications for many positions.

Candidates interested in employment with Everwood Day Camp are invited to complete our online staff application.

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Contact Information

Contact Jen Kaplan
Head Counselor
Everwood Day Camp
125 Lakeview St
Sharon, MA, United States 02067
Phone 781-694-5829
Fax 781-636-2126
Email jen@everwooddaycamp.com
Website http://www.everwooddaycamp.com/


November 20, 2019

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