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Camp Unit Leader - Program Supervisor

Job Location

Phoenix, Prescott, Payson - Payson, AZ, United States

Job Description

With minimal supervision, work directly with campers and coordinate and deliver effective, quality resident camp
program for a unit of 20-40 girls. Supervise 3-6 unit counselors throughout the session supporting and encouraging staff
growth and professional development. Actively promote and support the camps’ mission and goals through the Girl
Scout Leadership Experience.

• Lead in the planning, coordination, and delivery of camp program specific to your unit.
• Assist in coordination/implementation of “All Camp” events, campfires, and other multi-age group activities.
• Ensure the active involvement of campers and staff in the overall camp program.
• Maintain safety procedures as they pertain to the facilities.
• Ensure the proper care, use, and maintenance of equipment or materials used for camper activities.
• Participate in pre and post camp, inventory, and general clean-up as assigned.
• Work in conjunction with other Unit Leaders, Program Specialists and Administrative Staff to create weekly schedules for girl-driven, safe, creative and educational program for campers.
• Coordinate use of facilities, supplies, equipment and activities to ensure unit schedules meet session goals and activities are balanced and geared toward campers’ ages, interests and abilities.
• Lead fun and meaningful activities for campers; model constructive and enthusiastic participation in all program areas.
• Oversee dining hall operation at assigned times to ensure procedures are followed and foster an environment of consistent order for campers and staff.
• Provide supervision, support, guidance, regular and consistent feedback and support to unit counselors, other co-workers and campers.
• In coordination with the Administrative Staff review weekly unit counselor feedback to ensure staff are placed in appropriate working units.
• Complete detailed and thoughtful Camper Highlights forms for each camper in conjunction with the Unit Counselors.
• Maintain positive, professional relationships with camper and staff.
• Place needs of girls and camp above personal desires.

Health & Safety
• Ensure that unit activities are carried out in accordance with safety standards.
• Observe camper and staff behavior and apply appropriate behavior management techniques.
• Maintain the cleanliness of the living unit throughout the day and week; including by not limited to camp staff living areas, the bathroom, restocking of necessary supplies, garbage/recycling and campfire areas.
• Utilize camp provided transportation-drive campers and staff to scheduled field trips (*if council approved driver).
• Ensure camper health needs are met, this includes and is not limited to: medications being taken on time, allergies and dietary restrictions being managed and respected, monitoring campers’ water intake and use of sunscreen.
• Be familiar with and instruct others in the council emergency action plan and procedures.

Systems / Communication
• Maintain strict confidentiality and professionalism when handling sensitive information regarding campers or staff members.
• Instruct staff and campers in established emergency procedures such as fire drills, evacuations, etc. and understand your role in crisis management.
• Adhere to established routines, schedules and procedures for camp operation.
• Maintain clear and positive verbal communication with all campers, co-workers, and parent/guardians.
• Collect camper stories for camp social media purposes.

Positive Relationships
• Honor diversity by ensuring that all materials, activities, and programs are sensitive to and reflective of the interest, values, and needs of people of all campers.
• Provide a high level of customer service with parents/guardians, fellow staff, council staff, community and vendors.
• Recognize and respond to opportunities for problem solving within the staff and camper groups.
• Address conflicts between staff and/or campers and communicate with administrative staff daily.
• Support and promote campers and fellow staff to take risks and seek challenges.
• Responsible for radio “walkie talkie” communication in camp for unit.
• Efficiently and effectively uses the following: Phone, Fax, Email, Internet, Word, Excel, and online camp registration/camper information software.
• Ensure proper care of program areas and supplies while delivering activities to campers.

Working Conditions – Physical aspects
• Ability to share living quarters with other staff in the out of doors which may include, but not limited to: directly on the ground, primitive camping, rustic cabins, or dormitory cabins.
• Must possess strength and endurance, and emotional well-being required to maintain constant supervision of campers.
• Ability to go without personal electronic devices for a number of days at a time while on duty.
• Some physical requirements of this position could be endurance including prolonged standing, some bending, stooping, walking long distances, hiking, climbing, and stretching; requires eye-hand coordination and manual dexterity to manipulate outdoor equipment and camp activities; requires normal range of hearing and eyesight to record, prepare, and communicate appropriate camper activities/programs and the ability to lift up to 20 lbs; willing to live in a camp setting and work irregular hours with limited or simple equipment and facilities; and with daily exposure to the sun, heat, and animals such as bugs, snakes, bats, etc

Job Requirements

Preferred 21 years of age.
• Current First Aid and CPR certification (provided during staff training).
• Ability to function as part of a camp staff team, sharing concerns readily with supervisor.
• Follow the guidelines of the Staff Working Agreement.
• Ability to communicate with, and provide direction to, staff and campers of varying age and skill levels.
• Cognitive and communicative ability to manage multiple areas of camp program and operations.
• Knowledge of common camper illnesses and proper sanitation in group living communities.
• Ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards related to camper supervision.
• Ability to keep accurate, legible records.
• Possess mental and physical strength and endurance required to maintain constant supervision of others (staff and campers).
• At least one season (six weeks) of experience in a camp setting.
• Ability to safely drive a passenger vehicle with passengers and pass council driver screening and training.
• Knowledge and experience in coordinating, implementing and supervising youth programs in an outdoor setting.
• Current driver’s license and a safe driving record.
• Desire and ability to teach, work and relate successfully with children and staff.
• Ability to effectively supervise the coordination of a variety of program activities in a camp setting.
• Ability to work with persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
• Leadership / Followership skills.
• Ability to learn and willingness to develop skills in a variety of program activities.
• Ability to think and act calmly in a crisis.
• Demonstrate compliance with all Camps rules, policies, and procedures in a positive manner.
• Demonstrated maturity, sound judgment, integrity and flexibility.
• Demonstrated enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self- control.

How To Apply

Please go to, camps & work at camp to apply, or click here: We have camps located in Phoenix, Payson & Prescott.
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Contact Cassidy Mendezona
Girl Scouts
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