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Part time position, Nanny/Housekeeper Nanny Job in N Hollywood

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N Hollywood, CA, United States

Job Description

We are looking for a Nanny who shares similar parenting and housekeeping styles that we have. We are a married couple who both work from home and always have the children. We have not had the convenience of family help and we are in need of some relief for us to both have the freedom to focus on other endeavors. We do not need someone to relieve us everyday but we do need frequent, consistent, and reliable help from someone that we can deeply trust.

Our kids start their day around 9am-10am and take their 2 hour naps around 12noon/1pm. Our youngest child may or may not need a second nap around 4pm. They both need to be in bed by 7:30pm at the latest. We try show our kids educational programming everyday and we read to them every night at bedtime. Neither of them are potty trained but our 3 year old is working on it. We would expect our future Nanny to help us greatly with potty training. They also have educational toys that we encourage them to play with. We also have to clean bottles, dishes, clean floors and bathroom, and wash clothes every other day.

We would expect our Nanny to handle majority if not all of these duties and stick as close as possible to the schedule we have for our kids. We are very loving and patient with our kids so we would expect the same from our Nanny as well. We're looking for a Nanny to build trust with and that has a long term commitment for this part-time position in mind. We believe in teaching our kids good manners, personal responsibility, and right from wrong behavior even at their early ages and would expect our Nanny to do the same but we do not believe in physical discipline and will not accept any form of it from our Nanny. We would not like religious or political views to be taught to our kids by the Nanny, we would like for the teaching to be simple: basic do's and don'ts, how to read and write, good manners, ABC's and 123's. Any religious/social-political conversations with the children will be undesired.

We're looking for our Nanny to finally give us peace of mind and for that to happen, we need a Nanny who seeks to manage our household and children with the same tender love and care and attention to detail the way we do. It should feel like we have another version of us at home with our kids. This would be someone who doesn't resent or even passively resent doing things the way we ask. A Nanny that see's us, hears us, and respects our wishes is critical for success. But of course, we are open to recommendations and feed back. We should be a team and so it should be open communication between us and our Nanny. It is very important to us that our Nanny feels seen, heard, respected as well.

Of course, they're a few more details and nuance to this role we're looking for in a Nanny, but if you're interested in this position, please reach out and we will discuss the role in more detail. Thank you so much for your time.
Need nanny having experience with age group Newborn-Infant (0-1 year),Toddler (2-3 years) Light Housekeeping/Family Cooking/Potty Training/Laundry for the Children

Salary range: 0 to 0

Job Requirements

Skills required: Light Housekeeping/Family Cooking/Potty Training/Laundry for the Children
Education required: College graduate
Experience required: 3 or more years

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Contact Information

Contact Ken Myers
6701 Highway Boulevard
Suite 210
Katy, TX, United States 77494
Phone 888-963-7561
Email info@enannysource.com
Website www.eNannySource.com


January 17, 2023
UID: 150459

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