Black Diamond Resort Co

Thank you for your interest in us!

We have a great summer Business in the Heart Of Alaska and we are looking for a great person to join us!

My name is Marilyn Usibelli. I own and run Black Diamond Resort Co. We have been in business since 1995 and continue to grow and improve Our operations each season. We have a fantastic place located 10 miles from The Denali National Park Entrance. We have a very unique and fun business And are looking for adventurous, motivated people to join our team. We hire Approximately 90 people each summer. We have a 70 seat fast paced Restaurant, a 9 hole golf course, 18 hole mini golf course, a horse drawn Covered wagon ride, and guided ATV tours. We have a very exciting business with a great working environment! If you are looking for a fun summer job, we are the right place!

We are located in Healy, Alaska right next to Denali National Park. We live and work in one of the smallest towns you'll probably ever come to. I think this is a very important thing to consider when deciding where to work. Your happiness at a job is important and what you have available to do when you are not working contributes to your experience at Black Diamond. If you are a big city person or are looking for a large city American experience, we are not the place for you. Our business is surrounded by nature and there are so many things to do if you like the outdoors and what it has to offer.

There is a bank although we direct deposit paychecks into any bank and there are ATM machines, there are no movie theaters but we do offer TV, there are only a few bars in the area and one is actually pretty good with live music several times a week, we are located about 10 miles from the Denali Park area where there are a handful of shops, cafes, and stores. You can get to this area all day and evening by our shuttles. There is one small grocery/liquor store, a post office, a small community library, a small community gym, softball field, and a few other small businesses. That is generally about it.

Our staff does get a chance to ride to Fairbanks occasionally which is a larger town. Basically, you will be living and working in wildlife country! It is a Wonderful and challenging experience if this is what you are looking for!

Some benefits we offer: Job performance incentives given throughout the Season, inexpensive housing, free golf, mini Golf, covered wagon rides, atv tours, beginning, mid and end of season party; also our Employees get to go white water rafting for free, as well as flight seeing, fishing, 4-wheeling, and other local activities.

We offer gift certificates for a wide range of things for good attendance, customer service, and things of that nature. We are a completely non-smoking facility.

We hire a multitude of positions and offer great flexibility in scheduling and job opportunities. We do a lot of training with our staff and we have both full and part time positions and look for individuals who are willing to do whatever is necessary to give our guests an outstanding adventure!

Our jobs are challenging and require a great deal of energy and devotion. We serve a fixed menu that has fresh Alaskan Seafood, Great Steaks, Gourmet Burgers, and fun and exciting nightly specials. We have been listed in Alaska's Best Magazine and Fromers as Alaska's best find for our restaurant. We are a friendly place, and pride ourselves on providing the best Experience possible to all of our guest. We need self motivated individuals That have a high team player ethic and love people and adventure!

Our positions begin in May generally from may 8th - may 15th and end September 18th- 25th. We hire a limited Amount of part time positions and positions that start or end before these Date. For J1 visa students, we are looking for individuals who can work May 15th to Sept 15th. However we can consider your application if you can begin work on or before May 22nd. May 22nd is the latest date for your start date and the earlier you can start the more likely we can offer you a position.

We have an employee housing facility that is walking distance to work. It is set back away from the daily operation so you have an area that is private from the hustle and bustle of the business. Our facility consists of 14 mobile homes that we rent each room for $15 per day per person plus this includes all utilities and some supplies. These are single and double rooms that 1 to 2 person stays in. There are 2 to 4 people per mobile home and each are set up differently. If you prefer to live alone our housing is not for you! If you do not think it will be nice enough for you we totally understand and you do not have to live in our housing to work for us. Part of what we have to offer is a great place to live and work with your co-workers that is inexpensive for the area. You can share a room with someone in the housing if you would like. Several of the rooms are very large and a couple or two to three friends could easily share one room if desired and we did have a group of friends last season that shared even more. The cost is still the same. We are very flexible here. We have a nice common area with some additional activities available and a place to simply hang out and relax after work. We offer housing for a good price. It is not mandatory for you to stay in our housing and we encourage people look for their own place if they have special requests or pets. We also offer places to camp or park campers or RV's and that is $6 per day for utilities and rent of the space. In addition to our onsite housing, there are also apartment rentals. These are much more expensive ($800 per month plus utilities) and are 3 miles from Black Diamond. We do not provide transportation to this facility so you will need a car. If you are interested in this option please let me know and I can give you more information. Rent and Utilities are deducted from your paycheck and are due at the first of the month. You can also pay it with cash or a check. .

The housing is located very close and is walking distance but it is much much nicer to have a car to get around Alaska in. Some people buy cheap cars if they fly into Anchorage, some ride a bike to work, while others simply walk. You can also drive here from the lower 48 states and that is an adventure in itself! Believe it or not a lot of people drive and I have done it about 20 times and love it! There is transportation to Fairbanks occasionally and also to and from the park area every day. We are located 250 miles North of Anchorage or 110 miles South of Fairbanks. You can take the train or a van shuttle to Healy, Alaska to get to Black Diamond Resort Co.

Please feel free to contact me and ask me any questions you might have.


Overtime is tough to predict. As a business owner I try very hard for there to be no overtime. However there is a need for it. It is very unpredictable, it is usually only available on a last minute basis when extra people book last minute or if someone can not come in to work because they are not feeling well, things of that nature.

Overtime is only offered to our best employees who are hard working and looking out for what is best for the company. It is also usually a last minute thing so if you have a second job, or plans to go hiking, you are usually not available to take the overtime shift. Overtime is always based on what the business needs.

It is a tough call for someone who is looking to maximize your income when coming to the US because a second jobs income you can count on and overtime you can not count on. There are some great places near us that hire second jobs in housekeeping and dish washing and laundry.

If you do get a second job We do not allow anyone to drive any vehicles for safety reasons so the only jobs that we offer to people who get second jobs are prep cook, dish washing, front desk and landscaping.

I am mostly looking for people who want a wonderful fun experience and are not looking to work two jobs. We are not the right place to make a big amount of money but we are the right place to have a wonderful cultural experience.

Job Application Instructions

Please apply by sending an e-mail to

Our process for hiring is as follows:

#1 Send out inital Informative E-mail
#2 Do a phone or Skype Interview
#3 If both parties want to move forward then we do a reference check
#4 Send out a contract for the summer and add you to our group e-mail list

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Black Diamond Resort Co
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